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Destinations: Spanish, US and British Virgin Islands

Best Sailing Spots in the Caribbean

Unlike many sailing charters, you are not limited to a relatively small area for your charter.  As you can see from the map below, you can explore the less visited bays and sugary white beaches of the Spanish Virgin Islands, the secluded coves and rich culture of St John in the US Virgin Islands or the 60 idyllic islands and amazing restaurants in the British Virgin Islands, all within a day's sail of each other.

Charter from Fajardo in Puerto Rico or St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands

Best charter management company: Sail Caribe


We entrust our boat, POV 2, with one of the best charter management companies in the Caribbean, Sail Caribe.  With convenient bases in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and Red Hook, St. Thomas, there are many convenient and cost effective travel options to these islands. Sail Caribe, a fully accredited ASA Sailing School, can also provide formal sailing instruction, all while in paradise.  If you need a skipper, the right one can be found for you.  Book POV 2.

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